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Imposible to cancel suscripcion + no support on zoom


I have been contacting support for 2 weeks, over 6 people and dozens of emails. 

I have been trying to cancel the LARGE MEETING for WEEKS

No, on billing it´s not possible to cancel i get a message saying  "you need to contact support"

So I contact support and they tell you to "Go to billing" or an answer such as "why you want to cancel" and never come back to you. 

Then i got ONE persona saying "I cancelled your account"

And the next day I got charged by ZOOM... AGAIN!!! 

And then a message saying my whole account (paid for a year in advance would be blocked) if I don´t pay... 


This strategies of tyring your clients are not ok. 

Anyone else has gone through this?



Same thing is happening to me! I just want to cancel our monthly Scheduler subscription, not our actual Zoom account. Customer service keeps telling me I can't cancel our Zoom account but I'm not trying to cancel our account. I'm being crystal clear about what I'm trying to cancel. Multiple emails back and forth with them saying the same exact thing. SUPER FRUSTRATING! It shouldn't be this difficult!