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I don't want to change my email address......


I registered for my Zoom account with my work email address. During the pandemic my work decided to set up a corporate account and consolidated my Zoom account into this. They have since cancelled the corporate account and removed me from the account. Then from my account I signed up to Zoom again for the annual subscription (are you still with me!!). However when I now try and access the account I get a message with 2 option I can either consolidate with the business account again or change my email address so I am not using my work account. I don't want to do either I have already paid for an annual account, I just want to keep my own subscription with my work email address but I cant get passed this screen. 


Can anyone help, I have tried to email Zoom but they tell me to speak to the Bot who does not have an answer for this and when I tried to call Zoom apparently I am not supported and they hung up.


Help please!!!