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Has anyone figured how to check if your e-mail is on the bounce list without a paid subscription?


I do not receive zoom e-mail registration notifications. There are instructions to contact support to check to see if your e-mail is on a bounce list but as an unpaid user, I do not have the ability to contact support. 

Has anyone figured out how to deal with this? 


When I type in bounce list into the AI chat bot, I am given directions of how to check to see which hosts I have unsubscribed from (personally I know it is none of them). The instructions provided after clicking on settings are not possible to perform because there is nowhere I can actually check to see which hosts I have unsubscribed from. 

I am hoping someone has a fix. I don't want to contact the host given the number of registrants about them privately sending me the zoom details.


Alternatively, it would be great to see all the zoom meetings I have signed up for using my e-mail address that are coming up so I can login there and access an attendee link.