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HELP!! unable to assign license error You have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your....


okay, maybe i start on the wrong location, let try a new fresh discussion


i dont understand why, i cannot assign my license, 

i can unassign, but after that i cannot assign again, 

is there something wrong?

my license is still more then 10, but i cannot assign to mw account, 

now, i cannot assign the license, and all my account turn to basic, 

and zoom want me to buy more lisence for me to can assign? 

im still missing the point here,

limit 3.PNG

on top of the user account i got this notification

 soo im thinking is there a problem with my account, 

i sign up new fresh account, 

buy 1 lisence pro

and add other account, 

ok, now in my admin have to account, 

i try to assign and unassign, 

after 5 times  i cannot assign again, 

new zoom error.PNG


as you can see this is what it say,


so how do i assign new account? i have to buy more and more and more again? 

and after this, how can i assign? 

this is a scam, 



[Forgive reposting - my previous post does not seem to appear, for some unknown reason.]


For information, the section "1.2 Prohibition on Sharing" in Zoom's Terms of Service ***did not exist*** until March 31, 2023. This particular change was made ***without notice*** (admitted by Zoom's own "support"), ***against*** previous versions of Terms of Service:
> Zoom will exercise commercially reasonable business efforts to provide notice to You of any material changes to this Agreement.

(I assume that e-mails to users are "commercially reasonable business efforts".)

The above sentence ***itself*** has been ***removed without notice*** to users.

Note also the "assignment" was permitted in the previous Terms of Service

> Sharing of Host subscriptions with anyone ***other than the individual assigned to be a Host*** is strictly prohibited.

as well as in the "Services Description" (even the present version!)
> A Host subscription may not be shared or used by anyone ***other than the individual assigned to be a Host***.

(emphases by me) which is also referred to from the Terms of Service, though the former sentence has also been ***removed without notice***.

None of the Zoom employees themselves I've communicated were aware of those changes of words without notice; some of them even made false statements about their own previous Terms of Service.


Same here. Catch 22.

Under Current plans, Zoom says I have paid features which are not assigned to users:


When I try to assign the license, following happens:


On the top of the UI, they say I have 1 license available. Then they say I do not have any licenses... I am now prohibited to use the license I just have paid for. Nonsense.


Any positive answer to anyone? I can not even contact them...


same issue but my account also has no live support available - so here we all are. How convenient that they just billed the next year's membership. 


It's so disappointing. They didn't warn me about this in advance, I was just testing and trying to change it, and it says I've reached my limit, and finally, I can't link the license to my admin account. I have never used a license before this since I purchased. At least the admin account should have kept the license and made it non-transferable. This is without warning me when I bought it, and when other users were assigning and testing it, they took my money and the license I bought by force. This is pure robbery. I urge you to stop using Zoom. It was my favorite program. But now, it's not. chasing for the money, not their user convenience.