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Error Code 1132


I am getting the error code 1132 come up and it is not allowing anyone to sign in on zoom on the app, its becoming rather frustrating and when `I raised a ticket no help or support was offered but it was insinuated that if I paid for a subscription that then I will be get help, please can someone help ive raised the report, tried deleting the app/removing from files and re downloading yet I still get the same problem can someone please put me out my misery



Me ocurre igual, desde mi ipad pro no puedo acceder a través de la app, me deja desde el Chrome y desde Safari, pero desde la app no. 

He intentado contactar con Trust and Safety y no me Dan solución y llevo mucho tiempo sin poder usarlo.

Cómo puedo hacer para que mi ipad pueda abrir la aplicación sin este error????