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Cannot use special offer and pay with 30% discount


I am an existing user that pays monthly for Zoom One Pro with credit card. 

Currently, I am  trying to use a special offer:


A lot can happen in a year - stay connected through it all on Zoom! Save 30% off your first year when you switch to an annual plan. Offer ends 12/31. Terms apply. 
My attempt to pay returns an error that says: You are ineligible to receive this offer and purchase this add-on.
Please advise what to check. Card details are the same.
The screenshot attached.
P.S. I contacted Zoom support, they could invoice me but this process takes much more time and offer expires. 


I am having the same problem. 


I have the same problem. No contact by e-mail to zoom !!! only this answer: 

We are here to help!

This email address is not monitored, however we are still here to provide you with the best possible service. To receive help please take advantage of one of the following online resources:


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Skvoznova @kreuf @smarcus56  for coupon code issues, please refer to the Knowledge Base Article on Zoom discount code issues 


For issues with discount codes, submit a request to Zoom Support. During the ticket handling process, you must provide details about the discount, such as a screenshot of the coupon code or name of the discount. Zoom Support can help identify if your account is eligible for the discount and adjust your invoice if applicable.


Learn more about applying discounts to your Zoom account.

Zoom Community Moderator

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