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Cannot sign in with Apple ID


I cannot sign in with my Apple ID. This is the only method I can access the account.

So I cannot change my billing status.

If I try to sign in with Apple ID, then return to the sign-in page again.

How to solve it? Chatterbot is completely useless.



I am also having issues signing in with Apple as well. When I click the icon at the bottom and authenticate with Touch ID, all it does afterwards is just refresh the sign in page and my account is not signed in. And the chat bot is completely useless since they force me to sign in to chat with an agent which doesnt work since the issue at hand is literally not being able to sign into my account. Had to create a second account just to post this as my paid zoom account is stuck behind Sign in with Apple. And how has Zoom not even fixed this after a few days or even acknowledged the problem especially after the recent launch of Vision Pro?

I also have had the “authentication failed” message when using apple to sign in where I purchased my annual PRO zoom membership (good through June 24).  It has failed to log me in for 3 days and keeps bouncing me to a new sign in screen.  I have my host key, personal meeting id, host id and apple relay email id, but none of that data allows me to login as a host?  WTF


Same issue here, I have the pro plan through apple but can't submit ticket or see my host key b/c it just refresh and kicks me back to the login page. I tried contacting sales and after 16 minutes it says you've called when the offices are closed call again. 😒 I've emailed at zoom renewals email and hopefully it doesn't take more than 48 business hours to get a reply from them.



i have the same exact problem, and it happened at the same time, 2024/02/09. I have a TON of important stuff saved on my zoom, but I can’t access it because whenever I try to sign in with my Apple ID, it says “Authentication failed, please try again” no matter how many times I try. I deleted zoom, reset my device, updated my device, updated zoom, there’s nothing wrong with my device and my internet is completely fine. Yet it keeps saying the same thing. I hope this problem is fixed soon, because I can’t STAND not being able to talk to/call my friends and I really need those important stuff I have saved on it. 
(P.S, when I try signing in on the website, it just takes me back to the sign in page.)



I am having a similar issue is there any update?


Zoom Community, kindly present a solution for this problem. The only device I am able to access zoom is through my phone under the same apple ID as it is showing my existing accountID. I am not able to access my account in any other apple device of mine. 


I have the exact same problem, I will need to cancel my subscription if is not working 

This worked in allowing me to login and change my private relay address to my regular email, however this does still not allow me to sign in with Apple. I was able to download my recordings and the information I wanted to recover. I hope this is fixed soon.


Please Zoom can you fix this, all my information is saved here, I can't believe how rubbish your customer service is for such massive corporation. Or give some kind of solution, I have several meetings that I can no longer access until this is fixed!


I also can’t log in with my Apple ID for a whole week now!

An error is thrown in the browser:


I paid for Zoom One Pro on iPad AppStore, but can't login with Apple button.
Support says I only have Basic account linked to my Gmail, which is true.
They can't find my paid account even though I used same Gmail for Apple ID.


Find your unique private email (like ***********) in app (I found under "switch account" menu). If you can't find it, I think Apple can help you.
Request password reset using this email on Zoom website or app.
Reset password and login to Zoom One Pro!
Tip: Consider changing Zoom sign-in email to your regular email to avoid future trouble.

Avoid signing in with Google/Apple.

I requested forgot password with the private relay email, however it says 'There was a recently a request to change the password on your account. Based on our records, you used Apple to sing in Zoom, click the button below, then select sign in with Apple. 😥

I was on the phone with Apple tech for 1 hour to search all my zoom settings and the condition of the relay ID, all of which were in perfect order.  Unfortunately, the tech said the Apple side of this problem is clean and unencumbered; this is a ZOOM problem.



The only information I have about the account that I am trying to retrieve is the Apple Private Relay email address. I am requesting zoom to please look into this matter as soon as possible to let me know the process for retrieving my account!


I found the solution. Login to Go to account security and sign in. Select zoom and disable the forwarding. Then go back to zoom and login with apple id. When you do this it prompts you to hide email or share email. Share email. 


I'm having the same problem and it started a week ago.  It asks me for my apple id and password. as soon i click continue whne it ask iof im sure i want to continue it kicks me back to the sign in page. i had to use my gmail account oauth to sign in and watch my lecture videos. can't get into my actual zoom account any other way. when i try to change the password using my apple email address it trys to get mew to setup a new account.


Hi. Zoomyzooms already presented the solution but let me share my experience as well. I had exactly the same problem so I contacted Apple about it and just got solved like 20 minutes ago. Here's how I did it. I used my iPad to do this but should work similarly on iPhones as well.

・Go to Settings app

・Tap on your name at the Top

・Tap on "Sign-in & Security" > "Sign in with Apple" > "Zoom" > Stop using Apple ID. (I was scared to push on the last button since it said "you may be asked to create a new account" but Apple representative said it's not going to delete ur Zoom account info and all it does is just deletes your data in the App and resets your cache. He was right and it did not delete my account in my caes but keep in mind, do this at your own risk)

・Open Zoom App

・Tap on "continue with Apple" > select "share my email"


After completing these steps and 2 weeks of continuous failed attemps, it finally worked!! After that, when I logged into my Zoom account on my Mac, I was given a warning saying something like "looks like your email address has been changed recently. Which one do u wanna use from now on?" and gave me two options, 1. the altered icloud address and 2. your original iclud email address for your appleid. choose the original email address and you should be able to login.


English is not my mother tongue so there might be some grammar mistakes so if there's anything that doesn't make sense, feel free to ask me any questions.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to the Zoom Community with your questions. 


Our engineering team was made aware of the issue and they have now deployed a fix. Please try again. 


Thank you! 

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

I had the same problem for weeks and couldn't use my paid subscription! The support doesn't understand me and won't refund me anything, that's fraud and not allowed in Germany! Please get in touch with someone who can help me properly!