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Cannot log in as host after being added as user to someone else's account



I currently have the basic account on Zoom.

However, a friend of mine is adding me as a user/member to her pro account.

Today, I tried to log in as a host to one of the meetings she had created, but unfortunately I wasn't accepted and had to wait for her to log in as host.

I did this BEFORE I realized I had to accept the invitation to be user of her account.

Any way, I clear my cache and tried again after accepting the invitation.

I am still receiving the same message, and cannot log in as host.

What can we do for me to become host without her having to make me host every single time?

I'd appreciate your help!

Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @DorisN.


It’s not clear to me whether you mean you’re accusing her login using her user email address and password, Out either she has added you as a separate user login to her “organization” with your own user email address and password. It sounds to me like you might have had your own separate account and she “invited you to join her organization”, and you accepted – but please clarify. 

You cannot “log in as Host to one of the meetings she has created”, but there are several ways to Host a Meeting on her behalf, including Alt Host, Scheduling Privilege, or using the Host Key. None of these involve. “Logging into her account.”  


Note that sharing an account by exchanging username and password information is against Zoom’s Terms of Service. Hopefully this is not the approach you are trying to use. 

It might be helpful to post a screen shot of the error message, if there’s no personal information on it. 

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