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Cannot contact with account executive after I request for reducing number of licenses

My company have been using zoom paid service since March 2021. Since we are a non-profit, we got a certain amount of discount through techsoup. After a while, my account executive advice me to do some consolidation of my existing accounts and ask me to sign a document with an "initial paid subscription term" of 60 months, which is definitely too long for me. I think this is strange as I have never asked for such a long contract, so I emailed the account executive and got a reply:
"You may opt to cancel within the duration of the 60 months, we are just using this standard to cover for the discounts that we are extending to our clients as all the discounts are subject to approval and may change from time to time."  (exact wordings of the account executive, I still have the email correspondence)
Everything seems good. However, when I asked to reduce the number of license at Mar 2023, I got the reply:
"Upon verifying we did receive your request after the services had been renewed which is March 3, 2023. Hence for this case we cannot grant your request to have the licenses reduced since its already past due date of your renewal. Please inform us in advance of your next cycle once you want to reduce your licenses, by January or February 3rd for us to create a new quote."
So I wait until Jan 2024 and requested the reduction of license again. The account executive replied me for the first few times, and suddenly disappeared after Feb 5, without any solid solution. I have sent countless emails and still got no reply. I have tried to open another support ticket, still no reply.
I am totally disappointed. This is how Zoom treat (and may be cheat) their customers......When I asked for upgrading the license, I got reply immediately, but when I raise some issues I am completely ignored.
I don't know if there would still be any help by posting here, desperately hoping for someone from Zoom to tell me what I can do......

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @WKU38 


It sounds like there may have been an abrupt departure of your account executive. I'm sorry if this is the cause of your experience. My best advice is to complete a new Contact Sales form and ask the new exec to review your prior communication and request post-sale concession for customer satisfaction. 


I want to chime in here to say I have done exactly what you are suggesting @S_K and have not got anywhere. It feels like Zoom is just burying its head in the sand and not listening and being ignorant of anyone wanting to cancel and request a refund for overcharges! 


@WKU38 I am in exactly the same situation as you and we are owed >$1000 due to Zoom's terrible response rate and unable to remove credit card details/reject payment. They just keep taking money and we have no way of stopping it


@K_Phillips1  Thanks for telling me!


I have done what @S_K suggested, and I'll update on how it goes.


I've got a reply from a renewal manager, and like @K_Phillips1 mentioned, they are not willing to help.