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Cancellation and Continued excess billing


I have been trying to stop billing me for zoom plans which I  I cancelled in Sept 2023 . Last 6 months they continue to bleed me in spite of fact that status shows as Cancelled plan !!

Agony is its no easy way to contact and resolve this and I am getting frustrated after chasing them for last 6 months though my back.


Last resort  looks like Lawyers


I am appalled to see the amount  time and effort wasted in resolving such a simple issue.

I continue to get ripped off  each month in spite of repeated support tickets to cancel and stop billing.


Last 6 months every month its agonizing to know there is  now way to get to team and get it resolved effectively


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hey there! I'm sorry to hear this has been an on going issue. I'm not exactly sure how you cancelled the account but I hope this step by step guide would resolve it.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @stalekar, did you find @ArvinG's solution helpful? If so, please click "Accept as solution" 

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


Hi Stalekar,

Were you able to resolve your problem?  I'm in the same boat!  I telephoned Zoom customer service in December 2022 to ask them to cancel my Zoom Business Pro account for which I was paying about 250 USD per month.  The Zoom representative told me she would cancel the account and even calculated a pro-rata reimbursement for me for the month, as there were still a few days before the end of the month. I thought the Business Pro had been cancelled.  But  shockingly, the Business Pro account was never cancelled. It was as if Zoom never registered my call or my request for cancellation. I have telephoned Zoom customer service several times to cancel it, and they tell me, for some strange reason, that I can't (even though I did not do a yearly subscription).  By beginning of this year 2024, the price has gone up to close to nearly 280 USD per month which is being charged automatically to my credit card.  It's extreme bleeding of money for a service I'm not even using.  Zoom customer service is negligent, abusive and exploiting this situation, and they need to be reported to the Consumer Complaints Office!  I'm at my wit's end to cancel this Business Pro, to end the monthly charges to my credit card, and to get the reimbursement for all the zoom monthly charges since December 2022 when I initially cancelled the Business Pro Service.  Perhaps we can contact each other directly somehow to find a way to a solution.