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Can't assign license


Starting today, I can' assign licenses to my team members. I have purchased 15 licenses in June and it worked just fine.

Now I see a note that I have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your account. Buy more licenses to increase the limit. HOWEVER, I also see that I have 15 licenses available. When trying to assign license to a user, it says "You have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your account. Buy more licenses to increase the limit."

Searching for licensed user gives me 0 results.

Because I can't assign license to myself, I can't contact support. Vicious circle



Hello, I have the same issue. Please let me know if you were able to solve it.

I even can't contact technical support or live cat.


Please try to call support 1.888.799.5926 if you can


Thank you for your help in advance.




I'm having the same issue today (April 17, 2023), location IL USA. I've been on hold for about 30minutes; no one has been able to assist me. I will be exploring other platform options because this is ridiculous! 

We’re you able to get any resolution? 

Same here.

Already exploring Google Meet (they have 60 min limitation for a group call. But since we have a non-profit account, there is no limitation for us) and Microsoft Teams.

So you still can’t access your paid for licenses after three days?? 

that’a great for Google meet! We need a static link - so I don’t know if Google meet has that. 

Yes, you can create one link and join in all the time. We also need the static one.

How did you do that for Google meet?? 

Can you join an old Google meet link over and over again ? 
I would love more info! And did you get a refund from zoom for your paid licenses that are inaccessible now? 


Yes, you can join it over and over as long as the meeting starts the owner and he/she is logged in into correct google account.


I didn't ask for refund from Zoom.


Was there any resolution? Did this get fixed? 


Nope. Only buy one get four. But I don't know what happens when when the payment is due.


what happen you pay last April now is July, did you pay the 4 account?




I also have the same problem. Is there a solution for this?


how to resolve this , anybody help? You have exceeded the limit of license assignment but i still have available.




I have the same problem today, we have a pro license and cannot assign it - keeps telling me to buy more. No Chat support available - so frustrating