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Can not link account to email when only linked by google. do not receive confirmation code


I have a licensed zoom account through the Pro account at my employer.    We originally were on google and that is the only "linked" account type on my profile.  We have since moved off of google by my Zoom is linked to it.  we had to reestablish my google account because I could not login to Zoom.     I have followed the instructions here to link my account to email.    I have tried multiple times on multiple computers and when I get to the confirmation code email step, I never receive the confirmation email.  I have received multiple other zoom emails (create my community account to post here, and tried to reset my password - got both).  


Sit here and never get email:





Hi @jlow28 I see your email was bounced, do you mind trying to attempt to resend the verification code and 'check your email for code'? An OTP is a time-sensitive verification code that is sent to your email inbox or a push notification on your device, which you must enter in Zoom to verify that it’s you. An example of when Zoom may send you an OTP is when it detects a suspicious login, such as from a different location or device than normal.


Note: This security feature applies to user accounts who use email and password as their sign-in method (as opposed to single sign-on, Google, Facebook, or Apple ID) and don’t have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.

Zoom Community Moderator

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