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I have a Zoom Pro account and I am paying 13.99 per month.
this week I have a planned meeting that Will gather more or less 500 participants, and I want to extend ponctually the number of participants from 100 to 500.

My sbscription, I pay it every 24th of the month, the last paiement date was the 24th of May, normally my next paiement date will be the 24th of June, what will happend if I activate a larger meeting session now?
Will I paid now at the subscription 46.50 even if My normal date will be on the 24th of June?

How will my billing be calculated for this month of June since I have already paid the month of June on May 24.

Thank You.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello again, @Delord.


If you sign up for a Large Meeting Add-On for 1 month non-recurring, I believe you’ll be charged immediately for one month on the date you acquire the license, and the license will expire one month later, with no additional charge. 


If you sign up for a Large Meeting Add-On for 1 month recurring, I believe you will be charged a prorated charge from the date of purchase to your next monthly date, and then you’ll be charged monthly until canceled.  

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I upgraded my free account to pro yesterday August 6th but it says July 26th?  Why is that?