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I need IT on a personal Device for Updates?


I have been using the Zoom app on my personal device just fine for the past two years. I only have one user (Myself) on the desktop. I use zoom to access meetings for my Coding Bootcamp and my online courses at my university. It refuses to allow me to join via the desktop app for the past couple of weeks and will only allow me to join in the browser (which has been also been giving me issues). It states "You must update to the latest version of Zoom to join this meeting. Contact your IT admin to update. Join this meeting from your browser". After uninstalling it and reinstalling it, its only bringing my computer to version 5.12.2. If I run the installer as Administrator and sign in via google it states "Your app version needs to be 5.12.2 or higher to sign in. Please contact you IT team to update your app". 


Keep  in mind I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both the browser and the Microsoft store on the computer as a second resort. I do not have the funds to afford a regular zoom account and I hope someone can help. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Zoom updates the minimum version it supports every 90 days.
This update was implemented in August and now client apps with versions lower than 5.12.2 cannot participate in meetings.

You say you reinstalled the desktop app and it is not upgraded, but did you download and install the app "ZoomInstallerFull.exe" from the download center?

Download Center for Zoom Apps and Plugins | Zoom


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