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Billing problem no one responding


Hello.  I'm hoping to connect with someone who's successfully reached Australian-based Zoom support for billing issues. Despite multiple attempts, I've had no luck getting a response to my queries. Here's my dilemma: I purchased a monthly Pro subscription from Zoom two months ago, but it's not functioning as expected — my meetings are still capped at 40 minutes, just like the free version. Oddly, the subscription isn't listed in my account, making it impossible to cancel it directly. Yet, the subscription fee is being regularly deducted from my account. I can’t call due to my account type.  If anyone has navigated similar issues or has any advice on how to effectively reach Zoom's Australian support team, I'd greatly appreciate your insights. Thanks so much for your help.



I have same problem. no one is responding to problem. and I live is Korea.

If you solve problem you have, tell me. I will do for you too. 

Have a luck