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Billing Canary Island


I have been writing to a JC from Support for almost three (!) weeks.

My problem is that my company is based in the Canary Islands (belongs to Spain, but has its own tax system) and although I can correctly select “Canary Islands” as the country when entering the payment details, after entering the credit card details I always get an error message saying that it is not possible to pay with EURo in this country.

"JC" wrote to me ten times that apparently geolocking was active and that I should try again when I was in the Canary Islands - after which the case was closed each time. I have written back ten times that I am currently sitting in the office in Tenerife (these ARE the Canary Islands), I am on the Internet here via a local fiber provider, I am not using a VPN and yet I still get exactly this error message.

I have also deleted the account completely and registered again with completely new data - again with the same result.

The answers are always the same: I'm sorry if the support is inadequate, they can't do anything about geolocking, etc. Then the case is closed again.

I reopen it, write again and again that I'm sitting here at the company headquarters (and everything else from above) and what I could do to finally become a paying customer?

...again exactly the same standard reply (which I don't receive!) and shortly afterwards the information that the case is closed (with the attached reply).


And how can it be that I get the same standard answer over and over and over again for three weeks and what I answer is completely ignored?

Thanks just for a solution! Registering my company in “Spain” is not a solution, because then 21% VAT will be invoiced there now and in the future instead of the 7% VAT that applies here (IN SPITE OF THE EURO!).

Thank you,



Hi Alex,


thank's for your help! We don't have any problems with any other order at any service provider - this problem belongs to ZOOM! Therefor it makes no sense for us to contact Fesco.

Unfortunately we have no contact to Zoom's billing department. We already wrote to Selling department two weeks ago, but we no reply... May you give me an helpful Email-address?

...and why doesn't your support contact them, if they may find a solution?

Thanks & best regards,