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Annual Zoom Subscription done but not reflecting in my Account



I upgraded Zoom One BASIC to PRO on 19th of Sept. 2023 in my mobile and made the annual payment of INR 4390/- via Google Play Store paid through Google Pay.
But still my Zoom App shows Basic (which ends in every 40 minutes).
And when I tried to upgrade it again, it shows Error [ PG-GEMF-01] and already subscribed. 
I paid on 19th Sept. and still unable to conduct meetings. My work is a lot affected due to this.
I tried contacting Google Play store with abovesaid request for which they replied to have the communication with the app developer (ZOOM) and not with them.
And when I contacted ZOOM app developer, I was informed that they have limited visibility of the payments done via Google PLAYSTORE.  Kindly refund or upgrade to pro version
I cannot afford to lose this huge amount of money and I am planning to take legal actions against both - Google PLAYSTORE and ZOOM App developer.
Kindly expedite the matter. An early response is much appreciated. @Nina @zetrick

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @kaybee_arun 


It is true that Zoom is unable to refund a payment made directly to Google Play. Have you checked your account's Users section to ensure you have the paid license assigned to yourself? See the article below for more help:


Troubleshooting paid account still showing as basic 


See also Cancelling a Zoom subscription on Google Play if you'd like to cancel and then subscribe directly through Zoom.