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Zoom Meeting SDK C# wrap for WPF Dot Net Core 6.0

Hi, I am trying to integrate Zoom Meeting SDK in my WPF Dot Net Core 6.0 project but the version available in developer.zoom is of Dot Net Framework 4.7 and is not working with Dot Net Core.

ZOOM APP Workona

"Select Location" <--- In attempting to post this, I looked for "apps" or "integrations" - and couldn't find anything. I chose "Meetings" as this is supposed to be useable IN meetings. First time posting, if somewhere else this may get a more informe...

MAW13X by Listener
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Not able to Validate the domain while Submit for review

Hello,I’ve already created a file at [Web Link]( and tried to submit it. It doesn’t seem to work. I can clearly see the file is there. You can click it as well. Zoom submission requirements asked for th...

Marcus7 by Listener
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Zoom Meeting SDK Pricing Plans

Hello, I am unable to find the Zoom Meeting SDK Pricing Plans. I can easily see the pricing structure for Zoom Video SDK. I want to integrate Zoom Meeting SDK in my company's Android App, and probably in Web also, if the integration is available. Wou...

Wrong URL format

I tried to use my ngrok url for localhost:3000 to create my app, but it keeps saying wrong URL format, but when i remove the suffix it allows me, the only problem is that when i try to see my app via add app it says site cannot be reached...