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Zoom SDK flutter integration


We are currently in the process of integrating Zoom SDK into our Flutter application, and we are facing some challenges that we believe the community could provide valuable insights on.

We have a paid plan, and we are exploring both the Video SDK and Meeting SDK options. However, we have encountered issues when attempting to implement the Video SDK in our Flutter application. Despite adding the necessary namespaces in the build.gradle file under the Android section, we are still encountering errors related to namespaces when running the application.

We have followed the documentation diligently and ensured that all required steps have been taken. However, the issue persists, and we would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions from the community on how to resolve this namespace-related error in the Video SDK integration for Flutter.

Additionally, we have noticed that there is no direct support for the Meeting SDK in Flutter. We are curious if there are any workarounds or alternative approaches that the community has successfully employed to integrate the Meeting SDK functionality into a Flutter application.

Our goal is to leverage the capabilities of Zoom SDK seamlessly within our Flutter project, and your collective expertise and experience would be immensely valuable in overcoming the hurdles we are currently facing.

If anyone has successfully integrated the Zoom SDK, especially the Video SDK, into a Flutter application or has insights into resolving namespace-related errors, we would be grateful for any guidance, code snippets, or best practices you can share.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. We look forward to hearing from the community and benefiting from your expertise.



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