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Zoom market place app review submission


We have integrated zoom meeting SDK market place app in our web for zoom meeting. as per latest announcement from the zoom we need to submit the review including various questions. we have submitted earlier  but still asking for the detail. for that detail i am unsure 

Test Plan
Please provide a test plan for Zoom reviewers (in English) with a step-by-step guide including thorough steps through app authorization, each scope used, and all functionality an end user will be exposed to when using this app. This step by step guide can be a document (google drive, confluence etc.), a demo video (like a Loom screen recording), or interactive step guide. 

We are not using the test plan so what we need to do submit for this feature?

Documentation URL

This resource must redirect to detailed instructions on how to add, use, and remove the integration and must be included in the Documentation URL textbox in your next submission. We recommend you to kindly adjust your Knowledge Base Content to include all of the required content from this URL: Specifically, please include information on how users can authorize and deauthorize your app.

For the documentation URL we have provide our documentation URL that guide how to configure zoom meeting app with our platform 

Please can you guide here?