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No Internal Agent Voice Call Option

There seems to be no way in Zoom Contact Center for one agent to voice call another agent in ZCC. We have employees physically located in different areas. This was a feature in Five9 that I assumed was standard across the platforms but it seems not.

sdudley by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

No Call Park Feature In Contact Center

There is no Call Park feature in Contact Center even though this exists in Zoom Phone. Would really be nice to have this feature imported into ZCC. Has anyone found a workaround other than building a flow/queue for every individual agent?

sdudley by Newcomer
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Zoom Contact Center - Default ClickToCall

Hi there, is someone able to assist me in changing the default ClickToCall from Zoom Phone to Zoom Contact Center, please? Currently, when we click on a number, it opens in Zoom Phone.We are hoping to change it so that when a number is clicked on, it...

Contact center voice input too sensitive?

Does anyone turn on the voice input in the CC flow? Basically "Speak or say 1 for Customer Service"? If we have it turned on, so if the user says 1, it should use that option. How ever it seems that any background noise while the menu options are bei...

RickCH by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Adding contacts and accounts for a call

When a call comes in and i have multiple contacts with that number, a search screen pops up showing contacts, cases and other records related to that phone number. Is it possible to select a contact from that search screen to add it to the call engag...