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🐋 Welcome to the Zoomtopia Community Page 🐋

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

We are thrilled to have you join us for Zoomtopia 2021! This year’s theme - The Imaginarium - focuses on the learnings throughout this past year, the ways you’ve embraced Zoom, and enabled a hybrid workforce. This two-day experience will feature interactive and engaging sessions, world-renowned speakers, compelling roundtable discussions, and a peek into Zoom’s latest innovations that you won’t want to miss! 


We want to let you know that we are here for you and in this community page, you’ll be able to:


  • Create posts of questions you have regarding to Zoomtopia
  • Make comment on other users posts 
  • Connect with like-minded peers
  • And more!


To start things off, we would love for you to introduce yourself in the comments below. Tell us your name, title, location, and what you’re most looking forward to at Zoomtopia 2021! 😀



I have never gone to Zoomtopia but I am looking forward to attending this year. I am hoping to learn creative ways to use Zoom and what new features will be released.


Hi mypro,

We're excited to have you here at Zoomtopia this year! 


I am also looking forward to Zoomtopia 2021 and have submitted my entry as well. Looking forward to it!

Hi WordlyWiselnt,

We look forward to seeing YOU! 

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

last year before covid-19 hit, i had a plan to fly from indonesia to attend zoomtopia but till now it seems like attending online is the best i can do 😞

I am Zoom Enthusiast (Part of PT. Kayreach System, Indonesia Authorized Reseller, Certified Zoom Room, Zoom Phone, and Pro AV Integrator)

Where was Zoomtopia supposed to be last year?

Hi c2coursey,

Zoomtopia had always been held in San Jose prior to last year and that’s where we would’ve held it if it had been in person for 2020. Last year we held everything virtually.  Hope this helps!

Hi Nafi,

We love to see a Zoom enthusiast here! We can't wait to have you join us at Zoomtopia this year!

Awesome what do you resell?


Cheron Turner


yay Zoomtopia is in the 2021 yay !

We're super excited too! 


This is my first Zoomtopia and hope to be blown away with new features to implement at Sam Houston State University Osteopathic Medical School in Texas.

Hi c2coursey,

We're happy to have you here! Feel free to check out the sessions we offer at!


Can't wait for Zoomtopia 2021! Always learn something super cool and get ideas for innovative ways to engage people virtually.  (As an aside -- last year we got Zoomtopia SWAG -- is that a thing this year?)

Replying to my own post! just saw the registration for the swag ---- YEAH!

@SuzanneHealy have you seen the swag store on the site?? 🐋


I am also looking forward to Zoomtopia 2021 and have submitted my entry as well. Looking forward to it!

Catch ya there @chanchol141 ! 🙂

Could I get swag from Zoomtopia store?

@chanchol141 yes! You can check it out here:


Is it free?

I have no Gift Code.

The store show price.

The swag items in the store are not free but feel free to submit your shipping address HERE to receive a surprise in the mail from the Zoomtopia Crew!


I am in southern Indiana and I can't seem to register for the event. The registration will not let me add my state (see attached). I have entered the state multiple times from the dropdown, and I tried just typing it in but it just won't accept it.  It shows in the box but when I hit  Place Order the state disappears. Any suggestions?


I have just registered for the event (Tuesday, 14 September 2021 at 10.47am GMT). 

I am only interested in the educational presentations. However, I seem to be unable to view yesterday's presentation on creating classroom friendly materials. Is there something I haven't done? Am I missing something?


I have to say that the process of registering (late) is bewildering....  It's far too complex, full of far too many red herrings and blind alleys. About the only thing that has worked is a blizzard of invitations from Goodness Knows Who to Goodness Knows What private seminars.


For a company that is now deep at the centre of online communication, these over complex and circular processes are deeply, deeply disappointing. I am speaking the truth in love.


For a practical and obvious example, I cannot access to view yesterday's education-centric keynote (as mentioned above). But when the keynote fails to play (or goes into a looped 'advertorial' lasting just over 2 minutes), nowhere does a pop-up appear explaining why the keynote doesn't play, what I should do, where I should go next, etc.  Honestly, speaking the truth, this is pretty basic communication tactics.... I mean, very, very basic!


Best wishes! 


Hello, my name is Sharyn Fitzpatrick aka "Webinar Chick".   This is my second Zoomtopia - I am always up for learning how to think outside the box especially with Zoom and how it integrates with Virtual Event Platforms like Swoogo, Socio, Hopin, and others.   And there are now a growing number of apps that enrich the Zoom experience. 


Nice to meet everyone virtually. 



Great to see you on here Sharyn 😊... and SO wonderful to see you at our 'Introduction to the Zoom Community' Zoomtopia session 🐋👏. Thank you for attending!

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Thanks, Alexis!  I am excited to learn more from the community.  

Creator I
Creator I

 I am excited to learn more from the community.  I'm new

Hey @opbluelegend, that's great to hear! Here’s a guide to help you Getting Started in the community. We’re glad you’re here and look forward to seeing your contributions!

Zoom Community Moderator

Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!