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Zoomtopia 2022 Call for Speakers Now Open! 🎤

Has Zoom transformed the way your teams work, collaborate, and communicate? We want to hear from you. Zoomtopia is the annual celebration of our customers and communities who are passionate about communication, collaboration, and empowering your work...

student annotate tool

Is there a simple instructional video showing young students how to access the annotate tool? I am looking for a video to show my students how to use the Zoom annotate tool. Usually, I can explain it by showing them a photo of the menu and highlighti...


I am trying to check if Zoom can see my webcam. But I can't find that setting.

Can't connect

Hi allI can't connect to my zoom accounts any more. I have two zoom accounts and neither will let me sign in and connect. I have tried both the client and web applications and neither will connect. These are the messages I get. I do not know what's g...

Sharing powerpoint as background (windows 10)

Is it possible to navigate through slides from my keyboard with control keys? the instructions say: To navigate through your slides, use the next and previous buttons in the meeting controls.By the way: This feature is great!! I hope ZOOM further dev...

Pin number

How does one find one's pin or set a pin number in one's zoom account. The great brains at Zoom have not made this intuitive.

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