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Keeping a whiteboard active throught meeting


When I used the classic whiteboard during a meeting, I was able to share another screen, and then return to sharing the whiteboard. With the new whiteboard, if I switch to share something else, the whiteboard seems to disappear, and I have to recreate it. From playing around, I managed to learn to save the whiteboard on a storage device, and then upload it again when I needed to return to it. That's extremely impractical to have to do during a meeting. Any alternatives?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @ds4 , Of course we can. It's also a new great feature introduced by Zoom Workplace 6.0


We can share whiteboard and screen sharing at the same time (Example in image)

Download the latest 6.x version zoom client and wish you enjoy it.





If for any reasons, you can't upgrade client version.

Here is an alternative:

1. open out-of-meeting whiteboard

2. share screen and then share the client 





Thanks for replying. I upgraded to the latest workplace 6.0.11. I'm still having trouble. I opened a meeting, then opened a new whiteboard. Then tried to share a different window, and got a message that the whiteboard will close, which is what I'm trying to avoid. I tried sharing a screen first, but then the zoom controls eliminate the whiteboard button, until I stop sharing. What am I doing wrong?

Much appreciate your response.

Hi, I have exactly the same doubt.  I tried to do the procedure but I don´t understand what is that of "share the client..."

I´m a teacher so I need to turn back a lot of times to the same board and the newest version  is complicated to use. Please help.