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I am trying to set a zoom baby shower for my niece on the east coast, but my time zone is in TX.  Do I just show it as the start time in my time zone?  The time of shower is 3pm (east coast) this Sunday, so do I show meeting time as 2pm (TX time)? 

Thanks in advance for your help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @nydottietx.


One thing we've all learned from using Zoom across the globe is that Time Zones matter. 👍


When I facilitate meetings for others, I always do the time-zone-math in my head and schedule the event using the time zone of the client, or sometimes the client asks that the time zone be listed as wherever the most participants are.


The truth is... Zoom doesn't care when you start the meeting.  What's most important is to communicate to your attendees the time, and I try to send all potential attendees an Email with times for every time zone that attendees are anticipated to be in.  I assume you'll be sending "invitations" to potential attendees, and if you're not using Zoom's registration feature, you might be sending a link.  I rarely send the full invitation text that Zoom provides... it's way more information than experienced Zoom attendees need, and still very confusing for first-timers.


Hi! You're invited to a baby shower on Zoom!  Here's the link to Join:

<put Zoom Join link here>

It starts at 3pm EDT, 2pm CDT, 1pm MDT, and noon PDT/Arizona, but I'll have the meeting open about 15 minutes earlier.


Something like that.

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