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Splash screen or Opening message


I would like for all participants to see a message when they join the meeting.  Does anyone if this is possible?

I'd love it to be a pop up or something when they first join.

It is not something I want the host to control.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@Todd123, I don't believe it is possible to have something pop up individually for each participant as they join.  Zoom sends the same stream out to everyone once they're connected.


Of course you could have a "Welcome" slide up with Shared Screen... this could be helpful before the event actually starts, but naturally you'd want that out of the way once the presentation starts, and "late arrivers" wouldn't see it.


Another option -- if you don't mind attendees having to sit in the Waiting Room for a bit -- is to use the customized Waiting Room video.  Here's mine, for example: 

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