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How to restrict Zoom channel members from seeing each others profiles?


How do I restrict my Zoom channel members from seeing each others profile? I want my channel members to interact with each other in Team Chat on the channel they are members of, but I do not want any of them to be able to contact each other via email or phone. The problem is that channel members can click on the (...) and find each others contact details like phone number and email address - how do I prevent that? Please help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @SOET.


You don’t mention whether your channel is internal-only, or if it has external members. 


According to this Zoom Support article and my own experience, for external users the full contact information in a viewed profile is only available if the viewed contact is in the viewer’s contact list in Zoom – which means the two already have a connection outside your channel. It’s probably unreasonable to attempt to control the interaction between external people who already have a direct relationship.  If the external viewer doesn’t have the viewed person as a contact, all they see is the name and picture. 

Unfortunately, for internal members of the channel (internal members are people on the same organizational account as you), it appears there is no way to restrict them from seeing the profile of external or internal members. 

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