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When will blocking 'anonymous' callers be an option?


I realize there is another recent post about blocking anonymous callers - yet it's marked resolved without actually being a resolution.


I've just received 5-6 back-to-back calls from "anonymous" Caller ID, all leaving the same automated message about 'press one to complete your order". It's ridiculous that I cannot block these.


When is Zoom going to code something into their setup that allows us to block these? It's becoming a rampant issue.


Thank you!


Contributor I
Contributor I

In your Settings in the web portal, you can enable  Block Calls without Caller ID

Is that not working for you? Also there is a beta spam blocking project you could ask Zoom to join.

It's already blocked on my settings, and it's been made clear in other posts that "anonymous" doesn't qualify as "no caller ID" oddly enough. Do you know how I can find out more about the beta spam blocking project?

Contributor I
Contributor I

Hmm, don't know. Contact your Zoom service rep or make a Zoom ticket I suppose?

Zoom also supports STIR/SHAKEN protocol which basically manifests as whether the call is marked with a checkmark as verified. Though there are some issues getting fixed with that. Basically the verified is supposed to mean the caller is at attestation level A so should be fully verified - though could still be a "cold caller" type spam. But - as far as I know - so far there is no option to block all non-verified calls.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

you can block calls without caller id.  please see:

Managing the blocked list – Zoom Support


i set my iphone settings->phone->show my caller id->off

made t-mobile call on my zoom phone and call showed 'anonymous'.


changed zoom phone settings to block calls without caller id.

zoom->account settings->zoom phone->Block Calls without Caller ID->on

when i called from my iphone using t-mobile,  with 'show my caller id -  off' to my zoom phone number, i got 'the person you are trying to reach is not available.  goodbye.'