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UK Zoom Phone SMS


Hi All,


We use Zoom phone system and have the pro account. The SMS tab has appeared on our phone system today which i assume means SMS via Zoom phone is now available in the UK - I have tried to use this but have the following issue, attached. 


I have checked our users and it says user isn't able to use SMS even though it's been enabled at admin level, can any tell me why or if it's not yet live in the UK even though the SMS tab is there?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Ben,


I don't know if the ZOOM SMS feature is now available in the UK.


There is an option to enable SMS at both the Company-level under Company Info > Account Settings > Policy, and at the User-level under Users & Rooms > User > Policy.  I remember that when we assigned direct numbers to each user, we were able to receive calls with the direct numbers immediately, but that the SMS feature took several hours before it worked (it may be some sort of server replication process). Note that SMS is not available on desk phones, it works only with the desktop client and iOS/Android apps.


This article gives you the details about the SMS feature:


I hope this helps!