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Returning Missed Calls


I work in a medium sized office (roughly 40 staff) and have an issue with clients calling back and not knowing who initially called them. The sequence is as follows:

* Office staff member calls client

* Client does not answer

* Office staff member either leaves a voicemail and the client just blindly rings back OR doesn't have a voicemail set up

* Client calls back, goes through our auto-receptionist but doesn't know who initially called them

* Office staff member that takes the call back shrugs their shoulders and tells client 'they will try you again if they need you'

* Cue the client getting annoyed - and rightfully so!


Is there a way to identify who previously called a specific number so the staff member taking the client call back can say "I see Staff Member X tried to call you previously - please hold while I transfer you over" ??


We currently use a Microsoft Teams chat but it really doesn't work effectively in managing the process.


Thanks in advance!!


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

From your description it sounds like the caller ID sent is for the Auto Receptionist.  If so, the client wouldn't have the DID of the individual office staff member.  Probably the only way to identify the original office staff caller is to look in the Zoom Phone Call Logs.  This requires some permissions to access.  You could create a specific role with the ability to view the log, and assign this to the staff member(s) answering the inbound calls.  I would also deselect the edit option within the role permissions so log entries aren't deleted.