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I have a Axis A8105-E Intercom that partially works with Generic Sip. Help!


Good afternoon,


I have an Axis A8105-E intercom door camera, and I would like to get it working with Zoom Phone. After entering in all the information for the manual provisioning, and enabling sips I was able to get it provisioned with Zoom phone. I can make calls to the common area extension assigned to the phone, with the device automatically picking up and two way audio established. However, when I press the button and attempt to have the device call a Zoom extension, or even an outside phone number, the call rings, and when the recipient picks up the call just ends.


Are there any settings I am missing? Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I would suggest that you log a problem with Zoom Support at the site below, so support team can help you with the concerns, make sure you have call IDs /call samples that you can provide them so they can further check.



I took your advice and put a ticket in a moment ago. But this is a generic sip endpoint that is not on the supported hardware list. I am unsure how much support I will actually receive from Zoom phone support. 


Did you ever get this working? We have AXIS C1410 speakers. Haven't been able to get them to connect to Zoom. Support wouldn't help because it's not supported hardware. 



I had the similar issue with my C1410 speaker, where it would disconnect the call right after connecting. It turns out to be a codec selection issue.

Try the following and see if it solves your issue:

  • Under SIP settings -> Audio -> only select G.722, and unselect all others.
  • Under SIP settings -> Ports -> change TLS port to 5091.
  • Under SIP Accounts -> make sure to use TLS when registering to Zoom.

I checked the device and I don't see an option for G722 audio. 

I tried your settings but  I still get a 408 timeout message.

Here's the settings I'm using in SIP Accounts


TLS Version=1.2

Media Encryption= SRTP Mandatory

Client Cert=default (Self signed)

Verify server certificate = checked


Proxy Transport= TLS


I've upgraded to latest firmware too.


Do my settings under SIP Accounts match yours?

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi mvasquez20,


this appears to be a discontinued item.

AXIS A8105-E Flush Mount - Product support | Axis Communications

Accessories_Product Discontinuation Statement (


maybe you might consider switching to zoom certified alternative such as 2n, algo or cyberdata?

Zoom Phone Certified Hardware


thanks,  eliot


Unfortunately, Algo doesn't sell intercom cameras, and 2N cameras look not great based on the model we bought, and comments online. Checking Cyberdata's intercom, and the camera resolution is the same as 2N. Not seeing good door intercom options that are reasonably priced like the axis unit.