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Failed zoom phone transfer


We are having two main issues with the transfer option on the Zoom phone calls.


1) Some calls we receive display the option to transfer and other phone calls do not display the option to transfer on our Zoom apps both on the phone and desktop.


2) When the transfer option does appear we are unable to successfully transfer the caller. Every time we attempt to transfer, we are told that the call "cannot be completed" and to "try again" later even though all phone lines in our building are working.


Can anyone please provide some insight into this issue?




Creator I
Creator I

1. Have you ensured the ability to make transfers is turned on? Specifically for all sites if using multiple sites.


2. This sounds like a routing issue, have you recently just ported your numbers across from another rate center?

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I realize this is an older post but we discovered the solution to the same problem.


Our first person in the call queue was unable to transfer (warm or direct) to any other member, except a select few. This was due to the "Time Zone" of the second user not being set to the same as the first. I updated all users to Eastern Standard and all calls have been able to transfer since. i.e. 9-5 EST was not set as the time zone for the transferred call, so it wasn't within their working hours. I hope this helps!