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Call waiting flashes for 1 second, then missed call


I have vvx-350 and the client it has one DID number on it. When I am on the phone, someone calls me from external number, I get a "flash" from the desktop client and it goes to VM.


I have call waiting set for 30 seconds. 

how many concurrent calls can a zoom DID take?


Cisco call manager you could allow each line take 4-6 inbound calls at once. 

Please don't tell me I have to make an executive line now a Call q?

Apply all the Q settings if there were 10 people getting calls just for 2 people to see inbound calls, put them on

hold, transfer them, join them to an audio conference, etc. 


powerpack add-on is enabled and still same result 





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @dylanhunt 


Do you perhaps have "Do Not Disturb" turned on? With When I'm busy on another call set to "Call Waiting" and Max Wait Time set to "30 seconds' it should be fine. I'm not sure how the interface will appear on a VVX-350. Is it just a regular SIP phone with Line Keys?





it has to do with no clients (softphone/physical) being active with account delegating the lines. apparently having an active delegated line on an assistant's phone isn't considered "live" and calls go to vm.