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zoom cloud and dropbox (silly question)



As it has been sometime since i used zoom recording, i am wondering if anyone can clarify. 

1) zoom  use to record to dropbox, has it now moved to its own storage called zoomcloud?

2) if yes, do i need to have a dropbox account to have zoom cloud?  or are they now totally difference entitities?

3) can i cancel my dropbox account since i have the pro version?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @kevbin.


Cloud recordings are (and have always been) saved on the Zoom Cloud, under the account of the person who owns the meeting.  Local recordings are saved on the computer of the person doing the recording.


If you have a DropBox account, you can optionally use their Zoom integration to copy some of the files from the Zoom cloud to DropBox.  By "some"... there are a few files that DropBox won't copy, including "separate audio" files, and video of Sign Language Interpreters,  etc.


If you have a DropBox account solely for the purpose of accessing your Zoom recordings, you could probably cancel your DropBox account.  However, note that with a single Pro account, you are restricted to 5GB of storage space.  In general you will need to "trash" Zoom recordings so you are not charged (and don't have to subscribe) for additional storage. As you delete files from the Zoom Cloud, they remain on the DropBox account - until you delete them from DropBox.  So there is a good strategy to keep files on DropBox for archival purposes, if you think you'll ever need them.  (Most people don't; but I produce meetings for others, and I save everything!)

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