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time zone issues - when in the same time zone


Hi all, looking for some advice.


I am in the UK, my pc time zone is UTC+00 London. In my zoom account its set to GMT UTC+00 and in zoom meetings it is also set to this.  (anybody know the difference between GMT+00 and GMT UTC+00?)


So, I set a meeting up for 09.30am.  I can see this set at 9.30am when I login. However meetings recipients, whose pcs are set to the same time zone, are seeing the meeting set as 10.30 am, so definitely a time zone issue but we cant work out why, I was thinking maybe something to do with their zoom settings but apparently not...  The weird thing is, when I log into my zoom account on my colleagues laptop its shows as 10.30, even though his laptop time zone settings is the same as mine...


Any advice /insights would be much appreciated.






Hi @infosec welcome to the community! Curious, have you looked into the knowledge base article on Changing time zone settings? You can edit this at; secondly, if you needed to change these settings, encourage to sign out of the Zoom client and re-sign in to "refresh" the client with your Zoom account. Let me know if that helps! If not, looking forward to your reply and to further troubleshoot with you! 🙂

Zoom Community Moderator

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