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request for additional security


A weekly meeting was unable to run because a code was sent to my email and I was not able to retrieve it.

I can I ensure that this does not happen again?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom security processes may require authentication that you are the account owner. If you cannot access your email, you should enable 2FA (two factor authentication) according to this Zoom Support article: 

If you are sharing an account with someone else and do not have access to the email address  or 2FA mechanism of the Zoom account, it’s a violation of the Zoom Terms of Service (TOS). 

If the meeting was set up by someone else, but they are unable to host the meeting AND they want you to host the meeting for them, using the Host Key is a workaround that Zoom provides: 

Note that the Meeting need to be set without Waiting Room and with Join Before Host for this to work. 

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