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"Your name cannot be empty" bug in Zoom web app using Firefox


I can't join meetings using the Zoom web app in Firefox because I get a "Your name cannot be empty" error even though I provided a name. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any workarounds, like providing the display name via the URL parameters or something?


Here's some more detail on what happens when I try to join a meeting:

1. It asks me to provide the Meeting Passcode and Your Name (display name), even though I have signed in and it should know my name. I suppose it could be giving me the option of changing it, but when I use the Zoom Android app on my phone, or the Windows desktop app, they usually use my account's default display name without asking.

2. When I try to fill out the "Your Name" field, the text looks slightly gray (like it's placeholder text for some reason), and when I submit it says "Your name cannot be empty".


Re-typing my name does nothing. It looks like the value is being properly set when I inspect the input element.


I have tried several versions of Firefox (and am currently using the latest) but all of them have this issue. I don't think I've run into the issue in other browsers, but I don't usually have them installed on my Linux work laptop. I have run into the issue on both Linux and Windows using Firefox.