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"This Meeting ID is taken. Please choose a different ID"


I recently joined an organization that has asked me to host a zoom meeting from home using their zoom account.

I can successfully start the meeting from my computer. However, the Meeting ID and Passcode that open with the session are not the ones the organization is using for others to join the meeting.

When I correct the Meeting ID and Passcode, and hit the save button, I get this message - "This Meeting ID is taken. Please choose a different ID". I cannot enter the correct Meeting ID and Passcode, and those trying to join the session cannot do so.

I have tried two personal computers, my iPad, and my iPhone – all with the same results. However, no one else in the organization authorized to host a session does not have this problem and has no idea what the problem is.

Zoom version - 6.0.4 (38135); Win 10 and Win 11 on my computers.

Please help me identify the problem and correct it.