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how to access a cloud meeting


So I was sent an email with a link to a cloud recording from the task force committee meeting that I am a part of. However, when I click on the link it will open the webpage but tells me you cannot view this recording, no access. There is a passcode in the email but I have found no where to enter said code. Anyone have any ideas???? Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @chohrman73.


First, I'd suggest making sure you are logged into your Zoom account here on the web portal (  Then try again.  (One of the settings on a video share is "require authentication" which means you have to be logged into Zoom; this might have been checked accidentally, or maybe intentionally.)


If that doesn't help, my only suggestion is to contact the meeting owner and let them know you can't access it -- I'm guessing you are not the only person that can't. 🤓

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