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Zoom on Android using ultra wide camera, won't switch



I'm trying to use the Zoom client for Android with HD video. But I'm not getting good results

Specifically, I tried the Zoom client on Multiple Samsung Galaxy phones (S10+ and another newer model - I think S22 ultra), when using the rear camera, the app uses the ultra wide camera, no way to switch to another one, and when zooming it doesn't automatically switch. Instead, you get a very grainy video from the digital zoom. This is very frustrating since to get any decent framing of the subject right in front of you using the ultra wide camera you need lots of digital zoom, which makes the video quality be very bad.

I did test an iPhone for comparison, and it seems like in iOS, the app does switch the camera when zooming. Which is the behavior one would expect on Android as well. The video feed looks 10 times better on an otherwise comparable camera hardware.

I did try to update Zoom client to the latest version (, but that didn't solve the issue.

I suppose this should be easily reducible since in my experience it's pretty consistent.