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Zoom meeting link is not highlighted when I receive it


When I receive meeting invitations now, the meeting link is not highlighted for me to just click on it and join the meeting.  I now have to enter the meeting id and passcode which I didn't have to do before.  This happens on my computer but the link is highlighted if I try and access from my  phone.  My husband has the same issue. Did something change?


Also the system says it can't find my account  when I enter my personal meeting id and host key listed on the computer screen.




It seems like there are a couple of problems with how you're accessing your meeting invitations and joining meetings. First, you're saying that the links in the invitations aren't clickable on your computer, but they work fine on your phone. This might be because of settings in your email program, like how it's set up to show links. You can try checking your email settings to make sure they're set to show links properly. Another reason might be if your security software is blocking the links, so you could check those settings too. Sometimes, just updating your email program or computer software can fix issues like this.

Secondly, you're having trouble when you try to join meetings using your personal meeting ID and host key. The system says it can't find your account when you enter these details. Double-checking that you're typing in the right meeting ID and host key is the first step. You might need to go into your account settings to make sure you've got the correct info. If you're still having problems, it could be because of an old version of the meeting software you're using. Updating the software or reinstalling it might help fix things. If none of these steps work, it's a good idea to contact the support team for the meeting software or your email program. They can give you more specific advice on what to do next.