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Zoom meeting - Meeting got ended without any intervention


Hi All,

Kindly request your help on a matter. 
We had recently hosted a Zoom meeting which was scheduled for a duration of 1 hour.
- We had opened the meeting from the Host account.

- Few minutes into the meeting, we had transferred the host rights to a non-licensed user and the original host had left the meeting


Now as far as I've read about it, transferring the host of a meeting from a LICENSED user to a NON-LICENSED USER will not have any impact on the meeting as the original host is LICENSED and there is not 40 min max duration cap being imposed.


Now, after we transferred the host to the non-licensed user and left the meeting, at precisely the 1 hour mark the meeting got ended
Would anyone kindly let me know why the meeting got ended at the 1 hour mark with no manual intervention?
Ideally the meeting should have kept going till further action or is there a limitation that I'm not aware?

Please do help.