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Zoom display flickering that is limited to particular display monitor


I am using a windows OS, dell laptop that has Intel R UHD Graphics 620, with a logitech Webcam C920. 


When on zoom meetings, I have this spontaneous flickering that happens throughout (not over the entire screen but just my camera feed) and it is unpredictable.

1. I've tried two different webcams that show flickering only when using zoom - it does not flicker when I use the native camera app on my laptop. 
2. I've tried all the steps laid out here:
3. I've tried uninstalling and installing the latest zoom software
4. I've tried to uninstall and install my graphics driver
5. I've tried using logitech webcam app to change anti-flicker to 50Hz from 60Hz
6. Flickering does not happen on my laptop's built-in webcam while on zoom. Flickering also does not appear to be happening when on C920 + Zoom + Laptop display.
7. Installed the latest driver for my samsung monitor (S22E310H)
8. Continues to flicker on C920 webcam + Zoom + S22E310H monitor but no flicker on C920 + Camera App + S22E310H monitor.

I’ve had this display since 2017 and have no issues other than when I use zoom with C920. I tried plugging HDMI USBC to different ports but problem persists. Whether the app is on full-screen or not, HD vs original ratio, disabling hardware acceleration all does not appear to be related. Back in 2020-2021, I had no issues with zoom meetings. This problem came on as I needed to use zoom again. I have no issues with audio.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could point me to what I should be trying next



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Can you please verify the refresh rate on the S22E310H?

Also, do you have another laptop/desktop you can test with the same webcam and monitor to confirm whether the issue is related to the laptop's GPU (or APU, rather)?


Answers to these will best inform next steps.

refresh rate of the monitor is  60Hz refesh rate.

I do not have another computer/laptop.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Yes, I've tried Logitune to change anti-flicker rate to both settings (50 and 60), disabled auto-focus, etc. flicker persists