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Zoom Security Shield Missing from the Meeting


I am a host for a meeting for a non-profit organization.   They have a Zoom Pro license.  The meeting is scheduled weekly.  I join as guest, then "claim host".  In the last meeting, there was no option for "claim host".  I also noticed that the security shield on the bottom was missing. 


This is a major concern as we have had Zoom bombings in the past.  I reported this as a bug to the administrator of the Zoom license and asked if he could check the settings.  On my personal Zoom Pro account, this has never happened, and I could find no place in the settings to "turn off" or "suppress" security, so I am thinking this is a bug.  Any thoughts?



It looks like the Security Icon is now called Host Tools in Zoom versions and above.  It can only be found in the meeting controls toolbar on the main meetings window.  If you are doing a screen share, you may have to click on the Show/Hide Meeting icon to get back to the main meetings window.