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Zoom Freezing/Crashing


Let me preface by saying this -


I run a fully stable PC I built

Specs are -

13600K Intel, not overclocked

32GB DDR5 6000mhz, XMP profile

RTX 4070TI, factory overclock

Gen 4 M.2 drives


Internet is via LAN, not wifi with a stable 800mb connection

Latency hovers in the 15ms with no packet loss

No firewall blocking, or 3rd party apps to control bandwidth or anything


I normally do CAD work, as well as gaming, runs flawless.


Today's Zoom meeting (have done many one on one's before) involved several people, all muted (themselves) with no video as I was sharing my screen and providing a CAD tutorial.


Zoom would constantly freeze (not responding), as it happened about 7 times over the course of an hour.


First Zoom itself would freeze (chat and such) with audio still working, until audio cuts out and I am forced to close, rejoin, and reclaim host.


During, and after, each time CPU usage remained between 3% up to 7% so I have plenty of resources available.


RAM usage was between 400mb up to 800mb, leaving plenty more going unused.


It is not a hardware issue, and it most certainly is not a bandwidth issue.


Why am I paying for Zoom when I cannot even have a stable application to use to help others?



what your zoom code




I have a similar issue that I am convinced is a wifi router issue. Every 5 minutes or so, the wifi simply stops for 5 seconds.  I have not actually timed the interval between the stoppages, but it seems to match the frequency report by Kwikfab04.  I had Resource Monitor running and took a picture of it (screenshot doesn't work with Resource Monitor running) when the event occurred. See the attached picture.  There is no indication of a spike in CPU, disk, or memory preceding or simultaneous with the wifi drop.  It lasts 5 seconds and I usually get the "network unstable" message at the end.  I have a wired laptop as well and I don't see the same drop for it.  So my suspicion is that it the wifi simply stops to do some housekeeping or something for 5 seconds.  Router is a Netgear Orbi AC3000 mess with one RBR50 and one RBS50.  Netgear support is UTTERLY USELESS, so I'm trying Zoom support in hopes of finding someone else who had the problem.

Thanks for the reply but if you read my initial post, I am on LAN. Not wifi.

It crashes.

No loss of internet, no packet loss, nothing of the sort that you describe as it does not mimic the issue I described above.

Acknowledged that our situations are different.  What drew my attention was the freezing and your report of resource utilization.  What router do you use?


Infinity's XB7-T modem.


Resource utilization was mentioned to address up front the capabilities of my PC, which is why I mentioned my hardware.


Reading some of the other issues other people have seem to be mostly hardware related, whether it's an old PC struggling to multitask, or an internet connection that's as slow as molasses.


I am wondering if there is a way to pull logs on Zoom's software to view what happens when it 'crashes'?

To add a little more context, the Zoom portion will freeze and crash, yet I'm able to continue communicating with people via voice, live, for awhile until I manually end the Zoom process and rejoin my own meeting and reclaim host.



Have you checked the Application and System events in Event Viewer to see if there's something there?

I did, and have looked and nothing stands out. I just cancelled my subscription. I just did a 10 minute session where it crashed 3 times in those 10 minutes. CPU usage was at 4% total with other programs running, and only 397mb used for Zoom. Network was flawless as well as audio continued uninterrupted while Zoom was "waiting to respond"


I found one trick.  When in the main Zoom app window, before you start a meeting or while a meeting is in progress, press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D.  It pops up a Zoom Network Diagnostics menu.  But I don't think it will help your situation.


I am having the exact same issue. Low utilization, connect to a fiber-optic LAN (not wifi). I also have intermittent (and frequent) freezing during Zoom calls.  No solution yet, but I can add one additional piece of information:  This doesn't happen when I use my phone to dial into the Zoom call rather than use computer audio. This ONLY happens when using computer audio, so there clearly is a connection but I'm not technical enough to figure out a solution.


I am also facing the same issues since a long time. the zoom is freezing in my Pc with a ryzen 9 5900x 128GB ram connected via LAN cable and the zoom doesn't not freeze when using the lower end laptop connected via wifi to the same internet connection. so i am not able to understand the actual issue with the app.


kindly help me with the issue its effecting my work drastically.