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Zoom Created Events on my Google Calendar Everyday


Hi there! I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I integrated Zoom and my Google calendar, and created many events with no issue. However, when I went to edit one of my recurring events it created a new one everyday and sent invites to everyone automatically. Even after I deleted this meeting in the Meeting portal in Zoom, the meeting still shows up for everyday on my Google calendar. I tried deleting directly from my Google calendar but I have to do it individually and it won't allow me to delete the event all at once. It's incredibly annoying and seems like a huge glitch in the integration feature. 


I tried contacting Google support but haven't received an answer. Also since Zoom caused the events to show up on my calendar everyday, I would think this under Zoom's jurisdiction. It's incredibly annoying because I've tried escalating this to Zoom support but my account doesn't allow for me to receive live chat support or phone support. 



This comes down to the integration between google calendar and Zoom. Zoom provides their API but it's up to third parties to build a robust integration. Recurring meetings are a source of friction since google calendar isn't really made for recurring meetings past 30 days. You could delete the meetings in both places to keep things up to date. To automate this you could set up a webhook to update your calendar when changes are made to a recurring meeting. If you are not a developer, there is a Zoom marketplace app, Salepager, for scheduling recurring Zoom meetings that lets you manage everything in one place.