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Zoom Crashing on M1Pro Macbook 14" 2021 - while co-hosting and recording.


Hey there,


So I'm doing crucial recording of Zoom meetings to edit later in post-production. I am made co-host at the beginning of the meeting (which can last up to 8 hours) and I begin recording. I also have someone recording alongside as a failsafe.


On my old 13" 2016 Macbook Pro (intel) it never crashed on me. But since several months ago, I've upgraded to the: 2021 Macbook Pro 14" with M1 Pro chip (10 core Cpu/16 core Gpu/32GB Ram/1TB storage).


I have upgraded Zoom to the latest version, specific to Apple Silicon v. 5.9.3 [4239] and am on MacOS Monterey 12.2.1


My wifi is stable for the most part and fast. Around 400-600 Mbps.


I have turned off the extra features in zoom (extra participants on screen, GPU video processing, etc) to take the load off and I only have zoom open during the calls while recording to the local hard drive.


It's driving me a bit up the wall and not quite sure how to stop this. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.



I'm having this same issue. I have an M1 Macbook Pro, 14-in. 2021. I am using the Desktop version of Zoom Pro.
My wifi is stable, and sometimes when I am recording, with 2 other people,  Zoom will crash on me.