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Webinar Participants


Problem in Our Current Process:

We conduct a 2-month duration online course and enrolled participants can attend classes through Zoom webinars. To ensure that only registered individuals can access the sessions, we aim to manually enter or import their email IDs into the Zoom webinar. 

Additionally, we want the ability to revoke access for those who haven't paid their pending fees. 

Currently, when we remove students from the batch due to non-payment, we need to create a new Zoom link and share it with all participants. Despite using Zoom settings, the needed process is not working as expected.

Solution we need:

We are seeking the expertise of a Zoom professional who can assist us in configuring the necessary settings and establishing a streamlined process. Ideally, when we remove someone from the Zoom email list, they should be automatically prevented from logging in and attending the class. This would eliminate the need to create new links for each batch adjustment.