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Want to Embed passcode in the previous invite link for one-click join


I made a new account to have a series of a seminar.
I looked at the URL in the account, and announced to several places (without password).


Today morning I tried to test, and suddenly, the URL was changed.
I can make the room with previous URL, by just entering the previous link.
But, I cannot change the setting.

I want that anyone can enter the seminar without password if he/she use the link.
I checked the option "Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join" on the zoom website, but it is not applied to the meeting of the link.
(If I remove the password for all participants, then we should use the waiting room, but I don't want it since whenever someone tries to enter, the speaker(co-host) should receive a message.)


Please help me.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@mksong The embedded password should apply to the existing meeting if you visit that meeting in the zoom web portal. 
Unfortunately for already sent invitations, you will need to update the link and resend those invitations to ensure all users can join properly with that password enabled. 

If there was a password already on the meeting and subsequent invites, those users using the old invitation will still be able to join, but will have to input the password. 

In this situation there is only two methods of resolution.
Add a waiting room as you previously mentioned, or send out new invitation updates with the embedded password link. I know this is a terrible inconvenience, but unfortunately these are the only paths forward. 


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