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Disconnect Host - Participants moved to Waiting Room


I have the host/co-host not present if lose connection move to waiting room option selected, but when I do a test meeting and disconnect my computer, it will just make the other participant a host and doesn't put them into a waiting room. Does this option actually work for anyone or does anyone have a fix??

If the host and co-hosts are not present or if they lose connection during a meeting

Select the check box to move participants to the Waiting Room if the host drops from the meeting unexpectedly. If you select this option, join before host will be disabled.






Apparently this is the only option. 


If you want to suggest more features feel free to do it at:

Does this feature actually work for you, though? Mine doesn't work even though I have it checked.

To be honest, we only tried it once. 


It worked that time.


Not that big of a tester for this scenario.


Yeah, if Zoom were smart about this they would add an option to recognize the host and re-assign the host priviledge back automatically after a disconnect. This is the only thing I find is actually BROKEN about zoom. Having to come back in and hope that the student behaves (ie doesnt sabotage the meeting settings while I'm gone), or even is actually present or figures out how to use the options to pass the host back. This can be tough when teaching the entry level IT classes and the student barely knows how to even use the computer. Zoom has given me nightmares about getting behind in recording lessons because the student can't pass the host back after my internet disconnects for a few seconds....  Why would a random participant need to be host anyway? If the host disconnects without passing cohost or host, then it should wait for their return.